About Rose

Rose-Anne Scherpenzeel is a young artist born on the 2nd of May 1980 in Amsterdam.
She grew up around the works of art of her father, Peter Scherpenzeel, a glass artist whose work is internationally renowned.
It was in his studio she discovered the art, the glass and the craft at an early age.
After successfully finishing first the Fashion and then the Music Management Academy she went on to become an apprentice
of her father, seeking to master the secrets of Tiffany. Rose soon developed her own vision and approach, diverging from the traditional Tiffany procedure.
Molds and solder were replaced by a new canvas and patterns for lampshades turn into realistic romantic designs. In 2009 the Studio Rose Scherpenzeel was born.

Alongside the many familiar forms of art, Rose’s vision and choice of materials are exceptional.
She uses exquisite glass, handmade in American and Chinese studios, where old traditions are honoured resulting in beautiful colours, reliefs and spectacular effects..

A simple image, a basic idea is enough for Rose to envision a painting in glass. It is the characteristics of the glass that sets the tone for the completed work.
Then begins the selecting, shaping and setting of the materials.

The unique glass mosaics made by Rose are distinct classic pieces of romantic impressions picturing flora and fauna as well as touching scenes from day-to-day life, such as seen in ‘Laundry line‘.